Byron Peck, Founding Director of City Arts, and a prominent Washington Muralist. City Arts is our nonprofit sponsor for the project. Byron will serve as an advisor in mural selection and commentary, and City Arts will provide administrative support for the project.
1875 Lamont Street. N.W.
Washington, DC 20008

Perry Frank, Ph.D., President, American Dreams & Associates, Inc., Project Director. Perry Frank began documenting Washington murals more than 10 years ago and has a large collection of images, oral histories, and commentary that will form the basis of the site content.
1401 N St., N.W.
Apt. 106
Washington, DC 20005

Judy Smith, President, Soleil Associates, Inc. Longtime designer for the mural project; Judy has already begun the process of designing the home page for the website.
1 Scott Circle, N.W.
Suite 705
Washington, DC 20036

Susan La Mont, D.A., an accomplished web designer who will translate our ideas into an electrifying, easy-to-use, expandable, and interactive website.

Tara Tappert,Ph.D., President, Tappert & Associates, a longtime academic colleague with expertise in 20th century art and the crafts movemnet. Tara will provide consultation, especially on elements of mural technique and style.
8320 Roanoke Ave.
Takoma Park, MD 20912

George Koch, former D.C. Arts Commissioner, the Godfather of the Mural Documentation Project--- great source of DC mural history and ideas.
1438 Montague St., N.W.
Washington, DC 20011-2870
703-575-4357 office
202-882-0879 home

Danna Reynolds, City Arts Managing Director, who will provide fiscal and administrative oversight for the project.
1875 Lamont Street. N.W.
Washington, DC 20008

Jovan Speller, General Manager
City Arts
1875 Lamont Street. N.W.
Washington, DC 20008

Lou Panarale (new photography)
Fountains at Washington House
5100 Fillmore Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22311

James Greggs, Director
Sign of the Times Cultural Workshop and Gallery, Inc.
605 56th St., NE
Washington, DC 20019

James Phillips,
Howard University Fine Arts Department
904 Mertyl Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21201